An Experience for Personalized Distinction.

A Genteel Made to Measure Suit is crafted using precise measurements & personal specifications. As discussed by our clients, the cloth embodies a form from a select choice of fabrics and heavily incorporates the client’s stylistic leanings and personality. We encourage the use of color & beautiful inner linings, which we feel serve as a unique statement of individuality.


For first time customers we require a minimum of 2 visits. The first visit is where the cloth , trimmings and style of the garment are chosen. We require a further 2 visits for fittings. It takes on average 3.5-5 weeks depending on availability & time of year to get a full suit done.


Cutting is an art, that takes time to nurture. That is why George our head cutter, with more than 22 years experience, puts into consideration discrepancies like shoulder blades, hip and thigh proportionality. This can be quite a headache if not carefully managed.


It takes no less than 7 years to make a good tailor. Even more of course to make an excellent tailor. A minimum of 3 years specialization on one particular aspect is important for the continual output of quality work.  That’s why we have implemented specialization in our processes. One tailor focuses on the coat, another focuses on the pants. Each requires a custom yet harmonious approach. The cutter assigns work as is appropriate.


We have an array of fabrics that we share with our clients on the first appointment. From worsted wool to blended wool, to  100% wool (super 120 above) to Tweed, Cotton, linen, khaki, printed cotton etc. Currently the fabrics are only available on order and appointment basis.


We take a total of 20 skin measurements. 13 for the jacket and 7 for the pants. We also consider salient body features that often do affect the wearers comfort. For first time clients, in most cases we may require a sample of your best fitting coat and pants. This ensure the avoidance of  errors during construction.


Our average 2 piece suit costs ksh 27,500 ( $269). It is therefore imperative that you ensure proper care so that it’s life’s span is prolonged. Natural fabrics tend to loose shape and fabrics when neglected. Exposing them to extreme heat frequently, (500°c, dry-cleaning standard heat)  tends to wear off the natural oils of the cloth. We advocate for 3 times a year dry-clean, if not twice. Check our aftercare manual for more tips.