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The journey so far

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Success today has a new look

Let your look define how successful you are! Whether you are looking to close a business deal or you are just stepping out to breathe a little air; we have you covered.We create an intricate balance between the past, now and the future by combining different elements from our and diverse African culture and make each and every cut with a clear vision of the emerging fashion trends.


Redefining menswear

Contrary to common belief, men too are conscious of what they see through a mirror and are also very particular about what image they project to others. We position ourselves as craft masters and experts of creating 'trans-leisure'; that is, we let you transition into setting either formal or casual without compromisng on your comfort or style. In short, we let you do you!


Bold Inner Lining

What does the word bold mean to you? Is it courageous?Daring? Breaking all the rules or just fowatd thinking? For us, bold stands for the flamboyance of our rich Kenyan heritage... it stands for our fore fathers who dared to express themselves through color, texture and the detailing of their fabric and finally... bold describes our meticulously designed inner linings..


Tailoring the man on the move

47 is the atomic number for silver, a mosquito also has 47 teeth and 47 represents the number of cultures in Kenya. We begin a journey across the diverse cultures immersing ourselves in their way of life and translating this into spectacular pieces of art. Come with us on this magnificent journey aimed at carving out our cultural indentity.


Still on the move

Our collection of key transitional pieces takes you all the way through the day and into the evening.


Our Mission

Create an innovative menswear fashion brand that uses cultural diversity as a tool to enhance cultural identity and enhance personal style..


Brand Ethos


To achieve a delicate balance between flamboyance and conservatism by combining bold prints, bold colors and muted tones to create an Anglo-Kenyan vibe.


The Founders

Image Is Half The Story Told.