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The journey so far

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Success today has a new look

To us, success is never a final step; it's the onset of opportunities that we invest in. We have decided to modify the look of success, to pave the way for a superior, more culturally refined taste. By celebrating our rich cultural diversity and embracing the ever-changing way of life, we have set out to create a look that delicately balances both the past and present.


Redefining menswear

Men are now more conscious than ever of what reflects on the mirror and the image they project to others. From color, texture, to the detailing of the fabric much thought is expended on their dress. As the man evolves to tackle the new challenges the world presents, Genteel places itself at this nexus point with an aim of creating, “trans-leisure” by letting you transition into any setting without compromising your preferred comfort or style. It's the redefinition of a man who plays the Man, not the odds.


Bold Inner Lining

The intrinsic need for contextual relevance & cultural expression made us think hard of how best we are to allow the “vibe” of our fore-fathers to shine through. After a moment of enlightenment, we settled on having a bold inner lining for our suits. An embodiment of the flamboyance of Kenyan cultures and a means for self-expression.


Tailoring the man on the move

Our quest to celebrate culture and redefine menswear has lead us into nothing less than an immersive interaction with the individual communities that have strived to keep their culture reasonably “unadulterated”, with a goal of curving out our cultural identity. This we call project 47 (After the 47 cultures within Kenya)- Have link to Cultural Quest.


Still on the move

Our collection of key transitional pieces takes you all the way through the day and into the evening.


Our Mission

Create an innovative menswear fashion brand that uses cultural diversity as a tool to enhance cultural identity and enhance personal style..


Our Vision


To create clothes that celebrate cultural diversity and act as a reflection of the changing narrative of our customers life and personality.


The Founders

Image Is Half The Story Told.