By Genteel

Who Are They?

The Samburu community are found in Samburu County within the Arid and Semi-Arid parts of Kenya and has an area of 21,022.1 sq. Km. It is situated in the northern part of the Great Rift Valley. Samburu is bordered by Turkana to the Northwest, Baringo to the Southwest, Marsabit to the Northeast, Isiolo to the East and Laikipia to the south.

The Samburu are related to the Maasai. They share a few traditions and speak the Maa language. However, the Samburu are more aggressive with their traditions than their Maasai cousins. 

The Samburu are yet to discard their traditional tribal attire in favor of Western-style dressing because it is unmanly and results in curses. Like the Maasai, they wear brightly colored traditional fabric shukas and impressive jewels with beaded necklaces, elaborate headdresses, and tons of brightly colored bracelets.

The following are fashion inspired articles inspired by the culture and beauty of the Samburu community.


Through out the past 6 months we have done preliminary research about the community. We have spoken to a few cultural experts, anthropologists, cultural enthusiast and gotten a plethora of insight on both the perceived & actual value of culture and it’s relation to the Samburu. The research is definitely an ongoing process.

The following posts are a compilation of what we have gathered. Though much of the articles have a generous supply of cultural information and knowledge about the Samburu, we have deliberately & rightly so chosen to pursue a fashion angle. The aim of this audacious series is to gain clarity about our own identity through the glory & splendour of  this wonderful culture; Samburu. 

No one person has a monopoly of truth. We welcome any suggestions, ideas and feedback  about the series, the community and the culture.