Genteel at the Fashion Product Lab

Sun Tzu once said, ‘opportunities are multiplied as they are seized.’ October 2017-December 5th 2018 saw Genteel prove itself at the Fashion Product Lab held at Metta (A global network of entrepreneurs). This was a 8 weeks project project whose goal was to streamline¬† creative businesses and to scale them up to greater sales and heights.   Sam Omindo, Chief Creative Director of Genteel explains how they found themselves here. “I simply went onto their website, applied and got called in for a pitch day which seemingly went well. The judges got impresses and we got accepted.” Genteel’s style is simply about creating an Anglo-Kenyan vibe, whereby it aims to showcase the rich cultural heritage with a touch of modern styles.   Among the designers and stylists that graced this event included Chenesai Mangoma of Chenesai brand from Zimbabwe, Nkatha from Ihsani Culture, Kenya, who is also known for her whimsical wedding gowns, Mayada Adil from Mayada Brand in Sudan, who tells of a glorious story of empowerment of the Nubian woman from Sudan, Valerie Nyamwaya, who makes interesting Kitenges and Alex from Afromoda Designs who’s specialized in ethnic printed t-shirts both for men and women.   So what did you take home from this whole project? “As much as there wasn’t really a prize to be won, I believe the most important takeaway was the exposure and experience that came with meeting fellow entrepreneurs and understanding the process of converting an idea/concept into a product that can be sold”, says the gentle Mr. Omindo.   To be able to capture some of the colours, music and art around Nairobi, Genteel focused on The “Nairobi Unfinished” collection, showcasing blazers inspired by bright colours and artwork seen on Matatus, while some pieces sought to mimic the radiating and often scorching heat of Nairobi. This collection entails a perpetual collection of garments that draw inspiration and vibe from Nairobi and their objective was telling a story about the vibrant colours and life of Nairobi City both at night and during the day. Counting on the most memorable moments, Sam says what stood out were the conversations he had with Wandia Gichuru, Anyango Mpinga, Marta Kranick and Diana Opoti, some of Nairobi’s finest fashion changemeakers. He further says these conversations further brought to life how successful creatives have been able to build businesses and thrive. Want some Genteel vibe in your wardrobe? Book an appointment with us now.  

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