Trench coats are a must-have because they are stylish as they are functional. Trench coats are basically three-quarter length coats that normally worn during the cold season. Like bomber jackets and cargo pants, trench coats became popular after the First World War. Trench coats are versatile, you can throw it over and go through your day. However, for the same reason people might actually down play styling trench coats. We believe that image is half the story told, we have some few ideas on how you can make a statement with just a trench coat.

Whenever you are going for a safari, a beige/ brown trench coat will go a long way. Throw it over a nice brown polo t-shirt, a pair of short khaki pants and some boots and that is a complete and comfortable look. You can also accessorize the outfit with a Maasai duffle bag and a brown hat to give it a more safari feel. Pro tip colors often communicate themes. A beige trench coat is great for a safari trip because it communicates a more earthy feel type of look.

A safari ready look.
A safari ready look

For a more official look pair your favorite trench coat with your preferred pair of pants, official shirt and accessorize with leather briefcase. While you can actually style trench coats with brighter colors it is much safer to play around with dull colours (for pants) especially for a work outfit. For a more casual day at the office, you can opt for a brightly colored shirt to square out the look. Pro tip, loafers really work well with trench coats but for a more powerful, game changing, and sealing a deal kind of day at the office try the Italian leather boots.

Alexa play ‘classic man’ by JidennaAlexa play ‘classic man’ by Jidenna

Do not shy away from wearing your trench coat for a night out with the boys. The night does get cold and you need to keep warm, it can be a challenge to style a trench coat for a night out it is however not impossible. Try pairing an all-black outfit with a trench coat for a more work-party shift look, you can also try pairing your work shirt with some beige pants and throw in a hat to complete the look.

Versatile fit for a versatile manVersatile fit for a versatile man

Brunch trench coat inspo. Do guys really go for brunch? This outfit is okay for both brunch and day drinking with your buds. It is more of a day look because it banks heavily on the color to bring out the style. For a day drinking event or just a chill day with the boy’s pair your trench coat with a kitenge sort of pants, polo neck and a pair of sandals or sneakers to complete this look.

Mr. Comfy pantsMr. Comfy pants

Let it be known that trench coats are not boring. They are just not a put-on and go through your day kind of article. They have a rich history and a larger styling palette than most warm outfits. If you haven’t invested or purchased yourself a nice trench coat that will make you feel like Sherlock Holmes then head over to our website and make your purchase today.

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