Because you should never say “I do” in another man’s suit

Modern wedding attire means the perfect fit and at Genteel, we thrive in stitching perfect bespoke wear.

Genteel Wedding Look-Book

We know that the bride steals the moments for the better part of the day, but as a groom you don’t have to lay so low. Excite the photographer and stand out from the crowd as the man of the day and the only one in charge.

For the groomsman, it’s your day to provide support and play the ‘side-kick’ in a fashionable and stunning way. So you don’t want to outshine but to shine.

And lastly for the wedding guest, whether a relative, friend or even colleague, the stakes aren’t so high, but know that you will feature in a number of photo albums and social media platforms, and so you want to play ‘smart-safe’.

We have prepared an unrivalled wedding package that offers flexibility, versatility & functionality all UNDER ONE ROOF.

The package prices applies to a wedding party of 2 or more.The package covers:-

Traditional Wedding, Formal/ Civil Wedding and the Evening Party.

Ronny's Wedding
Lawrence's Wedding
Kins Wedding
Alfred's Wedding
Introductory package

Traditional Wedding/ Ruracio (Ksh 13,000/-) This is a Culturally Inspired Shirt & Pair of pants

Wedding/ Civil Wedding (Ksh 34,000/-) A 2 Piece Suit, A Formal Shirt & A Bowtie or Shoe.

After Party (Ksh 13,000/-) Semi-Formal Shirt and Semi-Formal Pair of Pants.

Total Cost:- Ksh 60,000/- per person.


We require 18 Working Days excluding weekends and Public Holidays to get the items delivered. Your wedding party will be entitled to 2 fittings within this time period.

Our standard delivery timeline is 20 working days (3 Weeks). A shorter timeline can be achieved- under 5 working days- but an "EXPRESS FEE" of 20% of the total cost over and above the normal prices will be applied.

Consider this a fee to ensure that our artisans who may have to go above and beyond are properly remunerated for the late nights and early morning.

We typically require 70% deposit before work begins & the 30% balance on completion, during collection of the items.

We DO NOT accept external fabrics. We have more than 200 fabric options to select from.

We will ask you to share your measurements and have a consultative call where we will verify these and embark on the stitching process.Plus we have partnered with DHL to ensure safe and on-time delivery of items ordered.


Are you looking for something a bit more customised. Possibly a morning suit or velvet tuxedo for that special day look? Request for a wedding quotation by filling in your details below and we shall get back to you as soon as possible.

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