• Bespoke Fittings Are Strictly By Appointment Only, Walk Ins Are allowed in store but PRIORITY is given to Appointment. House & Office Visits attract a redeemable fee of Ksh 1,500 (paid Before the Fitting date & time) placed on the final order.
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    • Pre-Visit Questionnaire MUST be filled to inform the sales advisor on what style, fabric & cut to be employed on the items required. In Store Appointments require a 15 mins discussion with the clients (this discussion should be guided by Pre Visit Questionnaire template).
    • Click Here to fill Questionnaire
    • Style, Fashion Needs, Pricing & Timing of garments Orders for Clients to be shared via discussions with the client. Communication of Express Order Terms & Conditions to be discussed here.
    • Measurements to be taken by Artisan who will manufacture the garments. This requires prior proper preparation.
    • Deposit of 70% to be paid prior to any production beginning. Client needs to be made aware of this.
    • A physical & digital (email) receipt should be provided to the client. Clearly stating the Name of Client, Date of Purchase, Product Purchased etc.
    • A text notification should be sent to the client Immediately after purchase. Due date for first fitting should be settled on before client Departure. ALL First Fittings Must Be Done In Store, any exception to this will attract an extra Non Redeemable Ksh 1,000 to cater for Time & Fuel of Artisan (To be decided on case by case basis). So Convenience fee of Ksh 1,000/- extra is required for Home & Office Visits.
    • A Home & Office Visit Checklist needs to be verified every time before a fitting.
    • A text notification to be sent to the client when the production process begins (procurement begins). Followed with a phone call 2 Days prior to the due date fitting date. 
    • If alterations are minor, request the client to wait for finalization after which he can proceed with the items. If Alterations are Major-priority to be given to that client's cloth- to return in under 3 Days for last fitting & collection.
    • During collection by client, inform client of the dry cleaning service we have & request whether he would like us to offer the service or he can dry clean himself. If agreed, please share the Dry Cleaning Rate Card & request him to pay extra for that service. 
    • Dispatch Note of client must be signed by both client & shop attendant to show items are in the hands of client.
    • A Text Notification should be sent to client 7 Days after purchase to thank client for buying Genteel & requesting for feedback of cloth if any.
    • Alterations to garments that are NOT GENTEEL attract a cost. Depending on whether Minor or Major.
    • All GENTEEL Bespoke Products bought have a 24 MONTH ALTERATION WARRANTY. 
    • Discounts. The maximum amount of discounts we can give to a BESPOKE product is 10%. The maximum amount that a shop attendant can give for a R2W product is 5%. The discount should only be given on request. This discount applies when GENTEEL doesn’t have a marketing/sales  campaign running.
  • First, Second & Third Fittings. The first fitting IS IN STORE. Second fitting is still in store. Should there be a need for a Third Fitting, then we will go to the client’s House/Office at no cost.
    • Measurement 

    This part of the process involves measurement taking by one of our experienced artisans and/or sales advisor. We take more than 21 body measurements, we’d rather measure twice and cut once. On occasion we would request that you come with a sample cloth (Blazer, Pant and/or Shirt) for purposes of measurement extrapolation. 

    • Fabric Selection

    Based on advice from our client advisor & our artisans we will take you through the fabric options best suited for your style, body shape & preferences.

    •  Pattern Cutting

    Each pattern serves as the blueprint of the customers’ garments. Measurements are carefully taken, physique characteristics such as posture, roll of the shoulder and arm length variations. The pattern is cut by hand from the measurements.

    • Cloth selection and cutting

    Cloth selection is done on the preferences of the client, keeping in mind the particular style envisioned. Once the cloth is delivered, the paper pattern is laid on the cloth and chalked around, cut by hand and creating all the individual panels for the garment.

    • Trim

    After creating the foundation of the suit, additional materials are assembled such as wool canvasses, linen and silks and linings.

    • Putting Together

    After addition of the trim to the suit, the tailor is assigned the garment and analyzes the pattern. Once satisfied, the sewing begins and the suit is canvassed by hand and readied for the first fitting.

    • First fitting

    At this stage, alterations are made to the suit to the client’s posture.

    • Marking Up

    This involves taking the garment apart, pressed and re-cut to take into account any necessary adjustments. This may result to a change in the client’s original pattern. Once the process is done to the cutter’s satisfaction, the tailor is handed back the garment to prepare for the second fitting.

    • Second Fitting

    The process and purpose of this fitting is to ensure careful examination of the garment, seeking any imperfections. Here, the cutter looks at the previous alterations and changes from the first fitting in order to refine the garment.

    The cutter then proceeds to examine the specialist features of the particular suit such as the break over shoe, the seat of the trouser, the drape, neck point and cuffs.

    • Finishing

    The finishing process involves the dismantling of the suit again, in order to make final alterations and put back together, finished by hand. The collar and sleeves are sewn in, the felling and edge stitching also completed.

    • Final Fitting & Delivery

    The client comes in for the final fitting and is inspected according to the bespoke style and credibility. After the client is satisfied, advice on how best to care for the suit and maintain it is given.

    The master/original patterns of the clients’ are saved and stored for future references and alterations, if needed.