Menswear style is a very subjective thing. Some like it subtle others like it bold and yet some just like it down right colourful. There many factors in the life of a man that affects these preferences, these are what we are going to unearth with our 7 style commandments. We have taken up the challenge to talk to stylish men in and around Nairobi and we won’t stop till we get to the 100th #genteelMan. Let’s begin


It’s a warm afternoon in Karen where I’m set to meet up with Daniel Mbaabu. A stylish, cultured Nairobian who seemingly knows his way around prime hotels in the city. He spends his 8:00-5:00 at Crowne Plaza hotel popping bottles of champagne and lounging in the presidential suit. If only it were true. I’d join in the quandary. #goals man. Goals!!. In real life, he is a Public Relations & Communications executive with a focus on lifestyle and travel.

In other quarters, he is known for his neatly finished dressing. His attention to detail is impeccable and rampant accessorizing goes without notice. I personally appreciate his love for the classic look. “It outgrows fads & trends “, he says. Something I totally agree with.

We seat at the Tin Roof Cafe for some coffee and later move on to Polka Dot Art Gallery for the shoot. Here’s what he says are his 7 style commandments.

7. “Read, read and read some more. I take pleasure in reading a variety of books, magazines and blogs like the Gentleman’s Gazette that talk about classical outfits and other salient subjects. These sensitize me to how & why my father & grandfather used to rock their looks. It has greatly influenced my outfits. They tend to have a timelessness to them. This also makes you look very mature before older men. They will be obliged to take you more seriously”

6. “Style is more like art, you have to be creative in order to stand out of the crowd. Find a way to get your creative juices running. I enjoy travelling a lot, this makes a difference especially when looking for inspiration and diversity.”

5. “Never fail to accessorize. My favorite clothing accessory is the pocket square and socks. They must and will always stand out”

4. “Embrace colour and people will view you as being unique. Period”

3.” Though I love the classic look, don’t forget that we leave in the modern times. Thus I feel it’s truly important to find a unique balance between Old and new. If you can hack this then consider yourself stylish”

2.” Be a collector. I collect pocket squares, ties, frames and lapel pins. It helps you know your stuff and get a conversations going when you meet an equally rakish chap”

1.” Dress how you want to be addressed. A cliche statement, but soo true”


Explore Mr Daniel Mbaabu’s  professional credentials at his LinkedIn page, or follow his Instagram and Facebook to see his more lighthearted side

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