Salim was recognised in 2007 as a Young Global Leader at the World Economic Forum in Davos. This was after the work he had done so far in his company, Camerapix, a production house that has drawn partnerships in Africa, Europe, Asia and the US.

New African magazine recognised him as one of the top “100 most influential Africans” and named him among its “Top 50 Under 50.” If this wasn’t enough, he was one of 150 leaders invited to Barack Obama’s 2010 summit on Presidential Entrepreneurship in Washington DC and for this, he is a young Young Leader with the World Economic Forums and a Fellow of the African Leadership Initiative.

But even after all these, modesty and humility are the virtues that truly stand out from Salim Amin, a husband and father of two daughters. You only got to know him much deeper for you to unearth some fun from him. It’s not only in his personality, but how he dresses up too. The really outstanding stuff lies beneath what he puts on the outside. Well, is it cause he likes it that way or could there be another reason? Read on and find out for yourself. He is indeed a gentleman of wonder, one of Africa’s coveted photographers, Salim Amin.


7. Tell us a bit about yourself and your career, how it has influenced your style and the way you dress: “I am a Photojournalist, producer and  filmmaker and I have been doing this since  I was 8 years of age; Producing content of different types. I was hugely influenced by my father, his work and career as I always tried to match the standards of what he did and how he did it. Producing quality content and telling compelling stories that would change things, especially in Africa. As for dressing,  I don’t wear a lot of formal attire in the field. I mainly put on jeans. On an evening occasion I would prefer just a blazer as opposed to suits. I am not really a suits person. I hate ties. I find it constricting around the neck. For me, jeans and blazers, pants and blazers and comfortable shirts is what I enjoy wearing, as I find them most  comfortable. One or two times I have worn a tux. With clothes off the rack sometimes it’s  not easy to get the right fit. Chances of jeans ripping is very difficult.”

6. What is the one thing that you are most passionate about, besides your job?

That’s really interesting because I have never been passionate about anything rather than my work and my family. Especially our daughters, who are a huge interest in my life. I love photography, travel (for work), holiday. Meeting different people and networking.

Best Destination:

Ethiopia. I really enjoy going back to Ethiopia. It’s one of my favourite places actually because my father’s history there and the amount of time I spent with him there. Cape Town is very beautiful as well and another destination I enjoy going to. But Home is home. When you come back you are always welcomed.When you are away, you always miss home after a few days.

5. What do you read on your spare time and what impact has it made on you and your career? Has it had any impact on the way you dress?

I read novels and comic books. The likes of Marvel and DC, Spiderman and Superman Well, as for dressing, I love colourful stuff. I have enough super hero t-shirts. I got dozens of Batman, Superman and Captain America, which I mainly wear underneath.

4. Which are your favourite shopping stores when you travel?

I prefer shopping in the US because they have all the sizes. Europe, UK is for small, thin people. I prefer brands like  Ralph Lauren, Old Navy,Banana Republic and Club Monaco’s because they have casual stuff. Old navy, for shirts only. I like their shirts especially because  it’s much cheaper than buying them from home. When it comes to Kenya, I mainly do Custom pieces here more cause it’s difficult to find my size in most shops. I have seen shoes here (Nairobi) more expensive than the US.

3. What do you do during your spare time?

Hahahaha! I shoot. But let’s not talk about…

I have enough super hero t-shirts. I got dozens of Batman, Superman and Captain America, which I mainly wear underneath.

2. What was the highest moment in your life and what were you wearing? If you were to relive that moment, what would you rather wear?

The highest moment in my life was the day we launched ‘Mo and me’, a documentary done about my father in  2007 at the Junction Mall, which had just opened. It was a black tie event and we took over all the cinemas and close to 1000 people came to watch. This was Al Jazeera’s launch documentary. I was wearing a tuxedo then. If I was to relive the moment, well I would wear one of your creations. Genteel.

  1. What advice would you give someone who would want to freshen up his wardrobe and look more stylish?

Get professional advice on what would suit you. The feel and all. We have local designers like Genteel who are good. And getting them on board to style you would be great.

Salim Amin launched his new book entitled ‘Kenya through my Father’s eyes’.
The book  details Kenya’s history as seen through the lens of Salim’s father Mohamed (Mo) Amin who was Kenya’s famous and globally reknown photojournalist.

The book is out on a limited edition collection, if interested you can buy it online here or reach out to Salim through his email: (watch the behind the scenes of making of the book here) . All the proceeds of the book will go back to supporting the YALI foundation.

You can also follow Salim on Linked In and keep tabs.

Salim Amin was dressed and styled by Genteel. Book a suiting appointment with us today  hereSo there you have it from Salim Amin. What have you learned from him? Let’s interact at the comment’s section below.

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