Nusu 2020


This edition of the Nairobi Unfinished Collection is inspired by the vibe & energy of the local barber shops found in Nairobi hoods. For most men, the barber shop is a sacred place. An extension of their persona and character. A place where they can be vulnerable and share in the banter and losses of their favourite English team, share mild jibes without being judged. As boyz become men and get that money, they’d rather travel across town just so to get that much needed shave from their trusted barber. The pieces in this limited edition collection are a reflection of the casuality, energy and virve of the “Kinyozi”. Image is Half The Story Told.

Genteel_Nairobi_Kinyozi Inspired Photoshoot_Khakis and Shirts 4
Genteel_Nairobi_Kinyozi Inspired Photoshoot_Khakis and Shirts 5

THE YELLOW IJUMAA JIONI STRIPPED SHIRT The Ijumaa Jioni Button Down Shirt – Non Iron



Friday Ofisini Maroon Khaki

Made to a regular fit soft to the skin & porous the shirt is perfect for a hot day out in the scorching Nairobi heat. The maroon khaki is a typical casual pant made for a casual Friday office gig or weekend family event with a white T-shirt & a pair of sneakers. Make sure to fold up the bottom hedges to give a crisp look touch.


Genteel_Nairobi_Kinyozi Inspired Photoshoot_Khakis and Shirts 7

Kila Mahali Khaki Pants

The Kila Mahali pants with an elastic band is currently only in beige. It’s been made to fit the Nairobi gentleman who wants a piece that he can wear for a casual event at the office with a pair of loafers or on a Saturday out with the boys out for “Nyama”  paired with some sneakers and/or a polo shirt. Bear in mind our Kila Mahali collection has no belt loops but rather utilizes a specially designed closing mechanism to enhance comfort and fit.