4 Types Of Shorts For Men

4 Types Of Shorts For Men

In today’s fashion world, shorts have become popular among men. It is an absolute favourite when seeking appropriate clothing that is comfortable during hot weather periods. Shorts are particularly casual; therefore, it is important to wear the right shorts for the right occasion. We have come up with a comprehensive guide for you to be more acquainted with the types of shorts right for you or the occasion.


Sweat Shorts

If your number one priority is comfort, sweat shorts should be your primary choice and be included in your wardrobe. Sweat shorts have utterly soft cotton and generously cut proportions.  These types of shorts are ideal for spending the day indoors or outside (evening walks, or taking walks around your local town center).

Chino/ Khaki shorts

Chino shorts are considered king of smart casual in shorts. For a stylish and classic look, pair these with a polo shirt, oxford shirt and a pair of boat shoes.

Shorts 2

Cargo shorts

Cargo shorts were designed for the troop but as years passed by, they have evolved to street style mostly for the summer periods. They have conspicuous pockets for storage and have enough room for personal possessions. When you pair cargo shorts with a white T-shirt and a bucket hat, that’s most certainly a style that combines a good look but yet a very easy and comfortable fashion style!

Jean shorts

Denim shorts are casual yet a trendy style. There are plain denim shorts as well as ripped denim shorts. While it is not too dress-down, it is acceptable for any outing. Rock these with a denim shirt, the right belt and loafers to make you look stylish and contemporary.

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