5 Fashion Rules that Men should Abide By

5 Fashion Rules that Men should Abide By

We have all heard of the phrase “dress for success.” If dressing for success leads to actual success, then why aren’t more men dressing up to this positive result? I think dressing well, confidence and success are interlinked, and today we want to share five rules that will enable you to feel better and generally improve people’s first impressions and interactions with you.

 1. Wear a Fitting Suit  One of the best compliments you can ever receive as a man is being asked where you bought your suit from. Then and only then you know that for sure at least you did one thing right! Wearing a properly fitting suit definitely makes you appear striking and professional. 

  • When purchasing a suit ensure that the shoulder seams of the jacket end at the end of your shoulders. You should not have any wrinkling effect, your shoulders should lay flat. 
  • For the body, the jacket should lightly hug your body but not feel too tight and uncomfortable. 
  • Your suit should fit perfectly around your waist with no need for wearing a belt. 
  • And lastly,  the legs should not be too tight or baggy.  You could do a pinch test and pinch an inch of either side of the legs. If the fabric is less or way more than an inch, you can get it tailored to fit excellently.



2. Add more colour to your outfits So by now you must have realised that we love colour! Our style conveys confidence, vibrance and power. Listen guys, let us move away from the dismal neutrals or well at least try to incorporate more colour into your wardrobe. Our style is built on the African heritage which uses very vivid colours. It denotes a man who is very personable and outgoing. Do not shy away from colour because it only shows you are in touch with yourself and you are not afraid of expressing yourself.



3 . Keep accessories to a minimum Accessories are the final touches of your outfit. With all the decisions that one has to make on a daily basis, you can imagine having to stress about things like accessories. Not to sound dismissive about accessories but our personal rule is to always nail down to a few quality go-to pieces. Consider accessories such as glasses and a statement watch. Less is more. 


4. Be versatile We are pretty sure you do not want to be that guy that dresses up and it’s like a school uniform when you walk around. Versatility for men in fashion means being open-minded to dressing in unconventional clothes. The best way to start on this is by paring our neck ties and our print bomber jackets with your outfits for a more unique look. Be different, stand out! 5. Dress for the occasion The rule of thumb is that one should always dress appropriately for every occasion. When hanging out with friends, the best look would be to stick to casual looks. Going for a date? Oh lucky you! A refined classic look would be best suited for this. At work, get to be acquainted with the organisation’s dressing style. Some companies have a relaxed work environment while others prefer you to be fully dressed up in official wear.


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