African Chiefs and Genteel.

African Chiefs and Genteel.

Many ethnic communities in Kenya were or are still being led by a council of elders, they made decisions regarding its people. They also offered judgment and sentence in cases of rogue tribesmen. However, during the onset of the colonialization era, the position of paramount chief was created by the British administration in order to effectively govern the colonies between the 19th and 20th centuries.

Waiyaki wa Hinga
Waiyaki wa Hinga

The likes of Waiyaki wa Hinga (Chief of the Agikuyu nation and Dagoretti area), Karuri wa Gakure, Snr chief Njenga wa Gioki of Embu, Chief Ole Murumbi of the Maa, Ouuduu of the luo tribe, Lakblisimai of Turkana, Mumia of Wanga were the most prominent paramount chiefs at that time, some collaborated with the British while other resisted and thus marking an important part of history of this country.

Lakblisimai of the Turkana for instance had his body marked with beautiful tattoos that matched with his status as chief. The style of chiefs back then was dictated by the laws, class, leadership and social class of a person. Many chiefs would adorn a headdress made from animal skin and chicken feathers as a symbol of power, others would yield a ‘rungu’ or a machete as also a symbol of power and status, the Maa had shukas and largely pierced earholes, the Maa women wear beautiful beaded necklaces.

The Samburu CommunityThe Samburu Community

Since then, with a new era Kenya has experienced an evolution of chiefs, from traditional attire to a more British influenced attire a uniform. Shorts, shirt, hat and loads of badges. In every step of history and evolution the chiefs have influenced the millennial fashion, from beaded hats to accessories and clothing. Genteel as a brand is interested in bringing all these cultural elements together, more like a harmony of the past and the present. We have a fit that definitely merges the past and the present chief to suit millennia man.

Chief Genteel.Chief Genteel!

This is a powerful and bold outfit a statement fit. This fit gives homage to the past and present chiefs, a stunner! A neck turner!

It is not Genteel with no print!It is not Genteel with no print!

It is possible to be fashionable and culturally woke at the same time.  It is also possible to incorporate bits of your ancestry and culture to your everyday outfits. It is possible to express all that you are historically and present. That is why you need to shop with us.

Dress as your history.Dress as your history.

Book your fitting today! Allow us to help you tell your story fashion wise!

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