Best Dressed At The Cannes Film Festival

Best Dressed At The Cannes Film Festival

Just like the Met Gala, Cannes Film Festival is the ‘it’ event in motion pictures and fashion as well but unlike the Met Kenyans are not so much invested, we think that who wore what at Cannes is as important as it helps us draw our fashion inspiration from. The festival was founded in 1946 and is exclusive to invite only. The Cannes Festival was referred to as the International Film Festival until 2003, it is an annual festival held in Cannes, France where films of every genre all around the world are previewed.

The Cannes Film Festival has long been the most celebrated as one of the most prestigious events on the social calendar. Fashion conscious celebrities come forward and display what exactly they are made of. Here is a simple list of men we think their outfits were glamorous.

Edgar Ramirez of the movie ‘Yes Day’ really stepped out in premium looking Louis Vuitton outdoor pajama sets. I have never thought the word pajama sets and outdoor would be in the same sentence but this look is gold. Edgar Ramirez wore this in the vanity fair dinner and we think he was the bag!

Cannes Film Fest 1
Premium pajamas!

Your favorite Tiktoker Mr. funny man himself Khaby Lame wore this lovely soldier like tuxedo, the design is great but he embodies the tux and looks amazing. Khaby started his TikTok career when the pandemic started and currently, he is not only an internet sensation but also fashion trendsetter as it seems.

Khaby Lame Film FestivalA bold look!

Mateo Berrettini a famous tennis play from Italy was among the attendees for the Cannes Festival. He had on BOSS suit as he is the brand ambassador of the brand. His tux was all white accentuated with a solid black shirt and a black pocket handkerchief. He certainly turned heads not only with his fit but also his fine shades. This look was one for the books.

Mateo Berrettini Film FestivalAll white ensemble!

Greg Davis orange red carpet look. This is one of those unforgettable outfits, the actor wore a Dolce Gabbana outfit, his coat and slim fit pants were elevated with neutral toned lapels and buttons. Inside, Davis wore a white t-shirt and a tied a velvet black bow around his neck which brought the look all together.

Greg Davis Film FestivalThis is our fav look!

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