Did you know that getting your collar shirt right is far much more important than the kind of cuffs you wear? What most people do not get is collars are intended to not only elevate your look to look more formal but to also accentuate your face. it’s the element that literally frames your face, it pays to know the different dress shirt collars that are available, so you can make a perfect choice.

Here are a few tips to help you navigate choosing the perfect kind of collar

If you're looking for a crisp and clean appearance, then a stiff collar is your best bet. A stiffer collar will keep its shape and create a crisp silhouette that is good for wearing with business suits. However, if you're going for a more casual look, then a softer collar might be the better choice. You can also find shirts in between these two extremes that are versatile enough to work well in both situations.

Somewhere in between soft and stiff

Collar height, the higher the collar is the more formal the shirt is, often shirts with longer collars are worn in the office and smaller ones casually. The higher collars are often Italian inspired and give an edge to your ensemble.

Mandarin collars are for casual wear
The lower the collar the much more casual it is

Let’s talk face shape, A slimmer much smaller facial features requires a much more spread (loose) collar. If you have a wider face opt for narrow, or tight looking collars, going opposite of your face structure create the illusion of things are tied together, the idea is to create a more sophisticated look while in turn considering your facial features.

Styling collars: Ascots should be worn with long sleeved shirts that feature a high colour, you want the colour to completely cover the ascot from the front and back. Fun fact about ascots, the ascot derives its name from the famous Ascot Racecourse located in Ascot, England. For centuries, Ascot has hosted the Royal Ascot Race, one of the most well-dressed events in sport, during the event members were required to wear a neck piece thus came an ascot.


  • The lower the collar the more casual it is.
  • Higher stiff collars are formal.
  • Ascots are only worn with high collar long sleeved shirts.
  • Smaller faces require a more spread collar, rounder/ wider faces call for tighter, wider collar shapes.
  • Solid color shirts are more formal than patterned shirts.


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