How to dress for success at work: Five tips that will make you look and feel fabulous at work

How to dress for success at work: Five tips that will make you look and feel fabulous at work

If you're like most people, you wake up every morning, look in the mirror and ask yourself: "What should I wear?"

It's a tough question to answer because there are so many different factors to consider. But before we get into all that, let's start by talking about what exactly it means to dress for work—because not all work environments are the same!

For example, if you work at an office with a dress code, it's important to know what that dress code is. That way, you can make sure your clothes fit the guidelines and don't accidentally break any rules. In addition, knowing how your company wants its employees to look will help you feel more confident when coming into the office each day.

Tip #1: opt for suits

Suits are so important; they are the pinnacle of all things professional. They give you that sharp well put together kind of felling that will act as a confidence boost. It is thought of that people who wear suits have their life well put together especially if you work in a law firm or finance. Please note that not all of them will do. Men’s wardrobe is a bit limited compared to women’s so there are so many designs to accustom each to different events. For job interviews opt for a more monochromatic or darker suit. Make them pop a bit with neutral-colored ties. Avoid black ties as much as possible as they make the ensemble look grim-ish, opt for red ties if you feel powerful or adventurous

Pro- tip: Carry an ascot, after a whole day of work you have to attend a night event an ascot will give an edge making you look and feel classy. Did you know we custom-make ascots.

shapeshift from the office to an evening party
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Tip #2: Break suits

Polo shirts are great for pairing with a pair of pants and a blazer of the same color. This ensemble is comfortable and yet very professional, making it an easy choice for any number of occasions. You can opt to pair your polo shirt with khaki pants (monochromatic)

Tip #3: you can subtly break colours

You do not have to match the same colorus from top to shoe but you can subtly break, research shows that donning blues, blacks, or grays will help you come across as someone confident and capable. Essentially, go for the classics and add a bit of personality by throwing on fun and colourful accessories such as socks, watch, and ties.

subtly breaking colours

Tip #4: your belt should match your shoes

It's a simple rule, but one that can make a big difference in terms of the overall look of your outfit. You don't have to follow it religiously, but if you're not sure what color shoes and belt to match, just remember that darker colors tend to go better with dark brown or black belts.

Tip #5 : khaki over jeans

It's a little more formal than jeans it's comfortable enough to allow you to get all your work done without feeling like you're restricted by your clothing. Plus, khaki is neutral enough that you can pair it with almost anything—whether it's a button-down shirt, sweater or hoodie, khaki will look polished and professional as long as you keep the rest of your outfit simple.

One of our favourite looks, versatile perfect for office and most events

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