Weddings outfits for men are often down played, it is not only a tuxedo or a suit affair, there are so many things to consider when picking an outfit. Weddings are an exciting time to come together and celebrate with friends and family. Dressing according to the bride and groom’s chosen dress code is a sign of respect. Instead of spending a whole afternoon thinking of what to wear, we have a few ideas on what to put on when you receive a wedding invite.

It is important to understand the general code for the wedding prior. Black-Tie, cocktail or casual are the most common wedding dress codes. If the wedding calls for formal you can play around with your different suits and tuxedos. Suits can be a bit dull for a wedding try pairing the suit with a necktie, neckerchief or bow tie. If you wish to pair with a tie, wear one that is brightly colored with traces of the colors on your suit. We do not advocate for anyone to upstage the groom, you will have your time to shine dearest, keep your look clean and just a tad basic.

Dapper suit
A perfect fit for the perfect gentleman

For a semi formal event there is more freedom in styling as compared to black-tie opt for a chicer and more modern look for such. Grab your nicest most lovely pair of blazers and pair with a polo-neck sweater and possibly a scarf. Avoid wearing jeans for a wedding except maybe when you are the photographer or a vendor.

Velvet BlazerFashionably casual

Casual wedding attires are probably the most confusing dress codes for guests, to wear jeans or not to? Are t-shirts acceptable or not? Can I wear open toe shoes? The answer is obviously no. Despite the fact that casual weddings are the most laid back, you still might need bring your A-game while styling your outfits. Replace jeans with khakis, t-shirts with floral shirts, (not that you shall wear khakis and floral shirts). Grab a pair of pants for example our Kila Mahali pants, pair with a plain white shirt some shades and throw a signature ring.

PantsPair these pants nicely for your next wedding

In summary, here is a list of items to avoid while dressing up for a wedding. Jeans, floral boutonnieres (if you are not in the bridal team), shorts, white jackets (the no white policy applies to men too), hats (yes hats of any kind) and finally open toed shoes. With these few steps you are able to have a fashionable blast at your friend’s wedding. All the items mentioned are in our stores, head over to our website and get yourself some wedding fits today!


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