Should Men Wear PINK?

Should Men Wear PINK?

Real men do not wear pink! We have all heard of this phrase at least once in our life-time. It’s a stereotypical phrase that denotes that pink is an unmanly colour. I say that as a man, you can wear any colour that works. You do not have to subscribe to societal norms that dictate that “ pink is for girls while blue is for boys.” 

 Men In Pink

Still not convinced to wear pink? Pink is a colour that is used to represent power. It makes you stand out on any occasion. This can be pink shirts, trousers or even ties. In our case here, we created this fun casual look with trousers and a bomber jacket. As you can see from the pictures, it's extremely noticeable and has this fun cool feel in it.

Having to figure out how to mix and match colours in clothing can be daunting. Luckily pink goes well with most colours. It’s a versatile colour that goes with any skin-tone . If you are a darker skinned man, you can try carnation pink, tulip, tea rose or even cameo pink. For fair skinned men, hot pink, persian or even ruby pink work best. As you can see, there is a shade of pink for every man!

Our parting shot is that fashion has become more and more gender-neutral and there is no limitation for people in their outfit. We challenge you today to defy gender stereotypes in fashion!

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