Six Essentials For Every Man’s Wardrobe

Six Essentials For Every Man’s Wardrobe

Essentials, just like comfort food we need comfort clothes. Clothes that are easy to pair, uncomplicated and still stylish. Imagine if Tony Stacks had a mini closet to travel the world with that’s what essentials are, a quick fix. What does a man need in his wardrobe or suitcase? What are the essentials?

Bomber jacket. This is a must-have, a casual outfit that will elevate your style to the next level. Especially in this weird Nairobi weather you need a jacket that can do anytime and in any weather. Its simplicity and its versatility makes it a must-have. Whenever you grab your car keys make sure you grab a bomber jacket too.

Cargo pants. Another must-have, cargo pants can pair with anything …well almost. They give a playful kind of vibe and are great for errands and a night out too. Pair with a black leather coat for a bad boy kind of look or you can also pair them with desert boots or work boots. Cargo pants look good with boots because they’re military-inspired and masculine.

Kaftans. A man in a kaftan is a true representation of freedom. This fit gives a tropical vibe, free, comfortable, light and effortless and if you are planning a trip to the coast this is a sign for you to head over to the nearest Genteel shop and get yourself a kaftan because there is no coast without kaftans that’s impossible and sacrilegious.

Genteel Kaftan
A very beautiful ensemble

Trench coats. Trench coats are classy. Put it over an official or casual wear you get a classy, sophisticated, peaky blinders kind of look. You can never go wrong with a trench coat except when off course it’s hot. Trench coats are an investment why? Because they are durable and have been trendy since the world wars.

Well fitted suits. Suits are great but well fitted suits are better. They are powerful and paired with a good watch, an umbrella or a duffle bag the suit can be a stunner. We know our way around a great suit so you can trust us to custom make your suit however you like it whether it is for a wedding or just a formal event you can trust us to deliver. Pro-tip un-button your suit before sitting down or you risk ruining the design

Casual shirts. You can get a slim, skinny and relaxed fit for a casual shirt. We recommend the slim and comfortable fit over the skinny fit. Depending on your physique you can opt for either comfort fit or slim fit. As the name suggests casual shirts have to be actually made from a breathable fabric that said you also have to watch out for transparency. Breathable shirts are great but being able to see right through them is not. That is why our casual shirts are made from linen and they have really nice prints.

His & Her's shirtCasual shirt dress for her

These are the essentials for everyone, these will simply elevate your style even when you are trying not to. Trust us, we dressed the president once. Wink! Get in touch with us today.

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