Smart Causal For Nairobi Nights

Smart Causal For Nairobi Nights

Nairobi weather has been a little iffy for the past couple of months, we have colder mornings than usual and weird hot afternoons, this weather has been here for a while and July is fast approaching (Kenyan winter to say the least). Does the weather stop Nairobians from doing their jobs and attending ‘sherehe’ (party)? Absolutely not! I don’t think hail or snow can stop Nairobians from having a good time, sure enough Covid didn’t. We understand the need for Kenyans to continue with their normal programming and that’s why we have the perfect smart casual outfits for all sherehe (party) lovers.

Let us begin with one of our favorites, the black bomber suit! This suit will make the fine Nairobi babes turn, nothing says alpha male like the color black, the peacock emblem gives this fit the perfect break that it needs, subtle yet so eye catching, this look is versatile pair with a white tee and a statement watch and you are good to go out on a cold night. Watch out for basmati babes though.

Bomber suit
Great for a night out

Silk shirt, cargo pants and beige trench coat, if you ask me this is a must-have for every fashion-conscious gentleman. Aside from the fit being stunning the material of choice silk is breathable and free which in turn elevates blouses and shirts, beige cargo pants will moderate the glam that is the shirt.

peacock shirtIt is giving main character vibes

The Trench coat suit! Listen, we honestly cannot emphasize the need of having a few trench coats on your wardrobe, they are as important as the little pebbles David had while fighting Goliath. This navy-blue trench coat paired with navy-blue pants is definitely one that can be both an office look and a smart casual look for the party later. It looks a bit subtle and it is great for those lazy days you don’t feel like being extravagant.

Trench coatVersatility!

If you are reading this, this is your sign to head over to our nearest shop and purchase your cold sherehe night fits from us. We will not disappoint!

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