The Versatility Of Shirt Dress

The Versatility Of Shirt Dress

Shirt Dress 

Leave out the little black dress. We have overdone it. We’d like to introduce you to the multifaceted shirt-dress! Are you the type of lady that puts first priority on comfort and style? Well then, after reading this blog you will be glad we put you on this. What is a shirt dress you may ask? A shirt dress is a longer version of a shirt that is worn as a dress.They tend to have a loose fitting giving you extra room to feel free.

Versatility is a focal point of what a shirt dress constitutes. You can always style a shirt dress for any occasion. Need a holiday outfit? Just grab a shirt dress and you are ready to go. You can also wear shirt dresses to work (as long as it's the conservative type). For work, just pair it up with a blazer to create a more professional look.  For a night out with your girls grab some chunky heels for that sexy look, and for a chilled out Sunday with your friends, pair it up with some sandals. With this kind of versatility all you need to do is change up your look slightly by accessorising with a belt to accentuate your waist, bold lipstick for a pop of colour in neutral toned shirt-dresses or wear a classic pair of earrings that does not disappoint on any occasion.

There are different types of shirt dress:

  • Denim - These are made from denim fabric. Honestly the style is timeless for these!
  • Mini - Just as the name suggests, these are short shirt-dresses that show off your legs. If you are the conservative type, try pairing them up with pants or biker shorts.
  • Midi - Midi shirt-dresses slightly go beyond your knees, making them the perfect clothing for your modest occasions.
  • Maxi - Maxi shirt-dresses are longer and cover your legs completely.
  • Sleeveless - The sleeveless type is suitable for warmer weather such as summer. 
  • Long-sleeved - These are perfect for the cold weather. They ensure that you are warm on the colder days. They are also absolutely stylish.

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