The Wonderful World Of Sweaters

The Wonderful World Of Sweaters

July, the equatorial winter, is fast approaching and April as well is being a bit chilly Kenyans can stand literally anything except the cold, that is why today we shall talk about the wonderful world of sweaters. They are warm, snuggly and the kids really don’t like them. A while back there was a whole craze of king and queen shirts, jackets and hoodies, now they are not so much, I would think after Bensol’s song ‘Nairobi’ people changed their minds.

People would prefer hoodies over sweaters, partially cause sweaters are hard to style, itchy, not as comfortable as hoodies or sweaters are more formal, what if we told you that sweaters can be worn anytime depending on how you style them and with the right material they can feel like a hug.

We are firm believers of scarves for men, silk scarves specifically and what’s there not to like the texture, the versatility and so much more, now throw one over a sweater and you have an outfit for brunch, wedding, errands and even church. Do not shy away from bright colored sweaters. Most guys would prefer monochrome or grey sweaters but those are more formal. Here we want to explore with more vibrant colours to bring just a touch of flair.

Silk scarves and sweaters a match!Silk scarves and sweaters a match!

Back in the day, matching sets were a hit! I mean Sundays you’d find a family in matching kitenges heading to church. Currently matching sets have changed to adapt with the trends and it seems like they will be in for a while. Sweaters are a great way for a couple to match subtly, switching colours, style and even layering is a great way to style yet maintaining the matching theme.

Our his and hers matching sweaters are a good way to start, throw in the silk scarf and you get a double dose of fashion delight. For the lady you would want to play around with the silk scarf, make it a hair tie, use it as a scarf, a scrunchy the options are limitless. We recommend wearing different colors so that it may not be so obvious that this is a matching set. With this look individual styles have been expressed and the love behind the matching sweaters seen.

His & Hers SweaterChocolates are fine but sweaters are forever, shop with us now and buy her this sweater.


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