What Is A Kaftan?

What Is A Kaftan?

Two words we can use to describe Kaftans? Fashion forward! Originating in Asia, Kaftans have been worn by a number of cultures for thousands of years and have been evolving in the fashion industry. In the African setting, they are mostly worn in North and West Africa where the sun is scorching. They are ideal because of their loose fittings that enables good ventilation. Ladies are mostly the ones who wear kaftans but men can enjoy these as well.

Kaftan is a word that describes ankle-length, long and flowing garment. Depending on the different types, they can be short-sleeved or long-sleeved and made up of cotton, polyester or silk. You can tell from these pictures that our Kaftans are made from luxurious fabric and keenly designed. Did we mention that Kaftans are suitable for various occasions and gatherings? They look extremely great and are versatile for social gatherings.

Kaftans can effortlessly be paired with almost any kind of bottom. Jeans, Chino pants. Elegant pants, basically the possibilities are endless. They are timeless and a staple must- have for every man! A way to transform from basic to stylish is to have a pop of colour in your Kaftan. Think of amber yellow, navy blue, charcoal grey or the classic black. Note that uniform colour should be worn underneath kaftans. For example, you should only pair a white kaftan, with white pants. This will make all the difference in elevating your final look.


Style Tips:

  1. Always pair dashiki or prints kaftan with plain pants and avoid pairing it with another print because of ruining the look.
  2. Add a belt or a small waist rope to the kaftan if it doesn't already have one.
  3. Length and size matters in Kaftans. Taller men generally look amazing in ankle-length Kaftans, but shorter men look dashing in knee-length Kaftans.
  4. Keep your accessories to a minimum. A Kaftan is already a powerful look that does not need any add-ons.

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